The Girotonno food festival is back to Carloforte

Girotonno - In cucina

The waiting is Growing for the eleventh edition of the gourmet festival of Carloforte on the island of San Pietro, in the crystal clear waters of the truest Sardinia. From May 30 to June 2, the appointment with the Girotonno is back. For lovers of good food and traditions of the local folklore this is an extraordinary opportunity to attend a party that has acquired an international fame in the recent years.

The festival’s theme is “Men, stories and flavors on the routes of tuna.” Chefs from around the world will prepare typical dishes of bluefin tuna, also known as “racing tuna”: the finest tuna quality. The frame is made of exciting performances by street artists and live music by Italian artists.

The program, which begins on the evening of 30 May and ends with an evening ceremony on June 2, includes several tastings: tuna, typical products of the territory, wines from the best wine production in Sardinia, and also culinary competitions, boat trips, debates…

The whole event revolves around the “Tuna Competition”, the international culinary competition to be attended by chefs from six countries: Argentina (Emiliano Lopez and Andrea Corbo), France (Alain Cirelli and Fabrizio Cosso), Italy, Japan (Haruo Ichikawa and Lorenzo Lavezzari), Mauritius (Vinod Sookar) and Spain (Jose Luis Marin and Roberto Pena Medina) who will compete by offering a selection of recipes for cooked and raw tuna. The jury is made up of journalists and experts in international food and wine.  Also a jury composed of visitors to the event will be judging the dishes, and  will award a dedicated prize.

Non perdetevi poi il rito della mattanza, quando il mare si tinge di rosso e rivive la tradizione della tonnara e dei tonnarotti, il pescatore di tonni. Una storia antica che risale ai tempi di Aristotele, il quale notando la regolarità del passaggio dei tonni ne aveva cercato, invano, una spiegazione logica per poter dare impulso all’attività di pesca lungo le coste sarde. Un mistero antico di Eros e Thanathos, amore e morte, in cui i tonni adulti entrano dall’Oceano nel Mediterraneo per riprodursi. In occasione della mattanza il Tonno rosso – bluefin (Thonnus Thynnus) viene pescato nell’antica tonnara dell’isola, l’unica attiva nel Mediterraneo, ai vertici internazionali per la pesca del tonno di qualità con circa 4mila esemplari pescati. La sua attività plurisecolare risale al 1738 quando l’affascinante località di Carloforte venne fondata.

Not to be missed is the ritual of slaughter (mattanza), when the sea turns red and revives the tradition of the trap (tonnara) and of the tonnarotti, the tuna fishermen.  An ancient history dating back to the time of Aristotle, who, noting the regularity of the passage of the tuna had tried, in vain, to find a logical explanation to it, in order  to boost the activity of fishing along the Sardinian coast. An ancient mystery of Eros and Thanathos, love and death, in which adult tuna enter the Mediterranean Sea coming from the Atlantic Ocean to spawn. On the occasion of the mattanza, Bluefin tuna (Thonnus thynnus) is caught in the old trap of the island, the only active in the Mediterranean, the international top for quality tuna fishing, with about 4 thousand individuals caught. Its activity dates back several centuries, to 1738 when the charming town of Carloforte was founded.

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