Aristocratic elegance and colours welcome guests at Villa Traverso Pedrina

Villa Traverso Pedrina

This beautiful villa built in the fifteenth century is located in the peaceful countryside of rolling Vicenza hills. An ideal destination for a real experience of Venetian life, Villa Traverso Pedrina is charming and full of history. The dwelling is protected by the Euganean and Berici hills, is surrounded by a magnificent park. After a long restoration done by the owner, Carmen Edda, this villa retains today a central block, its great seventeenth-century barn consisting of an extraordinary porch with high arches, the old barn, and a side wing.

What makes this place unique is the decoration of the interior, both of the noble part, and of the side wing: to adorn the great halls walls, the interior decorator Andrea Burroni chose the ‘squaring’ system, in vogue in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The colour dominates throughout the villa. Walking through the rooms on the two floors of the noble side, which all open on one another, you cross the main hall, the hall of maps, that of the large fireplace and the salon of botany, to the blue apartment. For each room a particular colour was chosen.

The villa offers five to seven beds, breakfast service and the possibility to reserve lunch and dinner. Guests of Villa Traverso Pedrina are also offered the peasants houses, where the chromatic expression is even more vibrant. Hence the Red House, six beds spread in three bedrooms. And the Orange one, playful and fun, with four large rooms to accommodate up to ten people.

The splendid Lilac House gives harmony and serenity: cream and vanilla are combined with the scents of Provence and lavender. And then there’s the Blue House: a jewel immersed in the green park, a unique and unforgettable nest.

A careful choice of colours for the rooms, the silence, the direct contact with nature and the beautiful 20,000 square meters park with its old trees and the thermal waters in the outdoor pool, make Villa Traverso Pedrina the ideal destination for a stay of pure relaxation.

Wide open spaces, good food and fine wines along with that naturally aristocratic hospitality with which the hostess welcomes her guests, are much appreciated by those who want to celebrate weddings and special events in a location which is different from the usual hotel.

The villa is close to Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Venice and Mantua, which makes it easy to reach some of the masterpieces of the history of art and architecture; Giotto, Giusto de’ Menabuoi, Altichiero and Mantegna, the cycles of sculptures by Donatello, Sansovino, Liberale da Verona, Lombardo and the Bonazza, and architectural works of universal importance such as the Palladian villas and the palaces and churches of Leon Battista Alberti, Ammannati and Giulio Romano.

Villa Traverso Pedrina:

Villa Traverso Pedrina - Interni

Villa Traverso Pedrina - Camera da letto

Villa Traverso Pedrina - Taverna

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