Residenza A Cova, the luxury of simplicity in the truest Sardinia

Residenza a Cova, vista mareOn the cliffs of of San Pietro island is where the Corso Seagull and the Queen Hawk nest. It is in this land bathed by a crystal clear sea that, during Carlo Emanuele II  reign, some Ligurian fishermen proceeding from Tabarka, Turkey  settle down. And they build Carloforte, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Since then, the villagers have continued their tradition of tuna fishing and coral.

Here, in Le Colonne, hidden between the Mediterranean bush and the sea, is Residenza A Cova. Six small houses made ​​from a barn and a stable with great attention to the finishes, furnishings, energy saving and building materials: lime plasters, natural system of constructed wetlands for the water and ventilated cavity instead of air conditioning.

Inside the colors are not dissimilar from those of the surrounding nature: light and soothing wood blends the liveliness of the colorful kitchen and bathrooms tiles, expertly researched and recovered.

There are four residences, two large ones and two more intimate and confidential, all with large windows, they give the feeling of being one with the landscape. Outside, surrounded by the scent of the Mediterranean bush, one is inebriated by the rosemary, arbutus, myrtle, and also by lavender and thyme.

Breakfast on the veranda is treating yourself to a little luxury every day. The homemade welcome sweets, prepared with simple and natural ingredients, are even more delicious when eaten while watching the sea.

From the “natural Terrace” you can enjoy the beautiful view of Le Colonne, two beautiful rocks silhouetted against the cobalt sky that leave you breathless.

Some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Lucaise and la Bobba are within walking distance, passing through the property’s small gates. A bit more distant you find Girin, with its beautiful equipped kiosk, and la Caletta, a must when the Scirocco wind is blowing and to enjoy the sunset and a cocktail at the seaside!

With the Ruggero II, a lateen sail typical of Carloforte, one discovers the island caves like Mezzaluna and Punta delle Oche embedded in the cliffs overlooking the sea, rocks with infinite shades and shapes. Also a culinary experience, with the lunch prepared by the skipper, who will serve you fish caught at the moment, tuna mousse and fresh Vermentino.

Returning from the sea, the temptation to a typical muffin or a chickpea farinata is irresistible, served, of course, with an iced Ichnusa!

Certainly the most sought after are the cocktails of L’incudine: blueberry, ginger, lime, tomatoes and Tabasco have all the flavors of summer, and are really unmissable.

But Carloforte is not only sea: the association Botti Du Shcoggiu organizes and promotes musical and theatrical performances and cultural exchanges, turning the streets of the center and the Pomata and Note gardens,  into beautiful gathering places.

Yet, when night falls there’s no place as magic as A Cova.

Under the starry sky of Carloforte you will discover the natural and balanced cuisine of the owner Francesca. Creative and passionate gourmet, she will, upon request, be your personal chef for wonderful dinners in the moonlight. You’ll be captivated by her fresh pasta, the fish of the day and seasonal vegetables.

Immersed in the enchanted silence of this place, you will not think of anything else… other than the flavors and scents enveloping you. And the sea.

Residenza A Cova:

Residenza A cova, l'esterno

Residenza A Cova, la spiaggia

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