Glasses like sculptures: Ozona and the custom creations by Sandro Gonnella


Handmade glasses with a passion typical of the Italian craftsmanship. We are in Perugia, at Sandro Gonnella’s laboratory/boutique, overlooking a square in front of one of the city’s most beautiful and noble palaces. Under the working table there is an ancient well. It ‘s the place around which everything revolves, the O area, the one from which Ozona takes its name. Gonnella, a 37 years old entrepreneur, is the glasses tailor who created this brand in 2006. Choosing to open a laboratory, transforming it into the living room where he meets the customers to listen and know them personally, is definitely original and courageous, at a time when the series production rage: from these conversations he can see what the person in front of him is like, in order to create glasses that are tailored, unique and inimitable.

​​Gonnella is also a fashion design teacher at the “Pietro Vannucci” Academy of Fine Arts, and the IED in Milan. His idea was born from the desire to return to the concept of quality item that was typical of the fifties, when it was customary to wear bespoke clothes and tailored accessories. More than fashion, Ozona eyewear are a symbol of exclusivity and personality, because they are shaped on the individual’s distinctive character. Sandro Gonnella transforms the customer’s preferences in renderings of various models and he lets them indicate what they prefer. Based on this choice, he proceeds with a photo montage, to allow them to see how the glasses look on the face, then changes the design based on their requirements. The next step is the front prototype, and if the client is satisfied, the color. Then the eyewear is etched, finished with coating, embellished with engravings or custom gemstones bezels. At this point a frame unique to wear is ready and packed.

Ozona, modello Omero

Sandro Gonnella’s main lines are the tailored glasses, distinguished by the highest level of customization, the unique pieces of unique design, and the limited editions collections. All models reflect the love of beauty that Gonnella calls “seeing beyond.” His artistic sensibility is also the result of the passion for sculpture and painting, so much so that he himself once said: “I see the glasses I make, as sculptures.” This way, in a game of lines and colors, models like Medea take shape (the personality of a queen, seeing the world through the eyes of a little girl), Vertumnus (classic, elegant, whimsical, express yourself without being subject to time and mode), Hector (intellectual sensibility towards creation and philosophy), Taitle (spirit of adventure, take off to live a dream), and many others.

Even the accessories are handmade, complying with the all green philosophy and zero waste production: the desk where you get the glasses, is also where you can get a full kit of accessories. This is how button or necklace cases are made, or even earring pendants, colored stone for rings, decorations, etc.. with no limits to the imagination.

Ozona tailored glasses:

Ozona, modella Medea

Ozona, modello Taitle

Ozona, modello Vertumno

Ozona, il laboratorio

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