The endless emotions of Giovanni Raspini’s silver

Giovanni Raspini

I’m passionate about silver, it gives me an infinite array of emotions, never predictable, always changing“.
The binding between Giovanni Raspini, a Tuscan architect and designer, and silver, has always been strong and visceral.

A destiny of beauty makes unique the creations of this brand, that has been researching excellence of craftsmanship for fifty years in Arezzo, Tuscany.

Everything is done by hand, and with great care. From the silverware that made him famous, to contemporary jewelry, and the​​ household objects made of Bronzobianco, a fine metal league, all are processed one by one and designed, modeled, constructed and finished exclusively in the company.
From fused silver arise bright artifacts that blend the classical and the contemporary, animal creations such as the running cheetah and the flight of the butterfly, elements that we find sinuously intertwined in a frame, firmly perched on a knife or gently resting on the plates and trays of the Bronzobianco line.

In Raspini’s jewelery, the lunar reflections of silver take the form of chains embellished with barrique textures, that evoke the barrels hoops and the feeling of seasoned aromas and flavors.
And cats, owls, feathers and scales shine in his burnished silver,
while a game of golden reflections becomes precious matter and gives life to the snakes, decorative tassels and pendants of the India collection, made of magic, remote and mysterious emotions.

The new collection is flowing between silver and shades of gold,  its protagonists are the sea and its elements, and the playful world of the circus. It comes in four different expressions of  spring with the lines Pacific Palisade, Silver Ribbon, Black Magic and Circus.

Trough his wonderful creations, Raspini expresses a unique and sophisticated femininity, a poetic world.

“A jewel is really poetry, because beauty can offer you the thrill of creation every time”

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