Princesses and little Lords with Fiabesca looks

Fiabesca - Antonietta

Anaïs and the mirror of desires; Antoinette, princess of fairies, Adelaide and the fairy godmother; Anastasia and the Angel, Anita and the lamp of wonders.. Little dresses of a timeless beauty. Textiles and fabrics that are meticulously processed through traditional techniques. Each with its own name and fairy tale. This is the magic Fiabesca has managed to create with its collections of luxury clothing and accessories for children.

Fiabesca is a young fashion house, founded by Francesca Marchioni and her passion for fine fabrics: she learned about them through the wedding favors made ​​in the family, by her father’s life partner. Thus was born the idea of ​​starting a new venture, a business that would crown her childhood’s happiest moments with clothes of stunning sophistication. This dream is wearing fine fabrics, sophisticated details, one of a kind models, handmade by the seamstress Luigina and her daughter. Francesca is now working with her partner Emiliano Falceri, a creative with a brilliant imagination. The production takes place in a workshop in the province of Milan. The garments are personalized with special fabrics and small variations, and can also be purchased online, by contacting Fiabesca, which is now making its way abroad, especially in Russia, South Korea, Turkey and Japan.

Fiabesca - Amir

The patterns are classic but original, often funny, made of hypoallergenic materials and natural fabrics… Embroidered linen, brocade, old saris, silks of all shapes and colors. But the real fairy tale is in the processing: the fine lacy by hand, games of British jacquard and twill are in fact still made to the frame. Fiabesca collections also include pure silk and other fabrics for unforgettable formal dresses, ethereal leather linings egg and soft gingham on the delicate skin of children. Nothing is left to chance: in a Fiabesca dress, details are at least as special as fabrics, like the decorative buttons of two-tone mother of pearl, or jais or hand carved wood. Or the coordinated terry-towel bibs and enfants bijoux produced by the expert hands of master goldsmiths, or the jewel/pacifier-holder that can become a brooch or a bracelet for mom.

The latest accessories in the 2013/2014 autumn/winter collection, are: Emi, a reversible hat of tartan and silk for boys, velvet and fur for girls, so as to be flaunted as a handbag. And Iaia, a scarf, always paired to the dress fabric, which becomes a shawl. In the same line some little masterpieces of tailoring are inspired to the 50s: bulky clothes, revisited rigid forms, jeans-cut trousers and shorts with large lapels recall a retro taste in a modern key. The fabrics are the expression of the post-war period revival: bright colors, especially red with its thousand shades, and floral patterns, for a stylish and refined luxury. Brocades embellished with gold threads, silk velvets and fabrics embroidered to the frame with fur inserts, give life to the romantic clothes in the Girl collection. In their simplicity these clothes alternate soft lines to more sustained movements, with a special attention to details. Shorts and overalls (rompers for little ones) of tartan, and classic trousers of winter-cotton are available in different colors for the boys. And then shirts with natural mother of pearl buttons and inserts. To complete the look, silk ​​suspenders, mini scarves and mini stoles, with drawings retrieved from the historical archives of Como.

The first Fiabesca collection was presented at Pitti Bimbo 2012, with models matched to fairies and princes with names starting with an A, and a collection of over forty writers of fairy tales for childhood, presented in a small but exclusive volume. The next “fairy tale” will be told by Fiabesca at the 2013 edition of Pitti Bimbo, to be held June 27 to 29 in Florence.

“Anemone e il vento giocherellone”

Quando vide la bimba, intenta a gattonare sul terrazzo

della casa in riva al mare, il vento

pensò immediatamente a certi fiori, amici suoi.

«Sarà per via di quel modo di agitare le manine,

sarà l’abitino che indossa…Eppure la cucciola d’uomo laggiù

mi fa venire in mente gli anemoni,

i fiorellini con cui mi intrattengo talvolta a giocare»

disse ad alta voce, mentre si avvicinava alla casa.

«Quanto mi piacciono gli anemoni! 

Mi basta soffiare tra le loro corolle, perché ridano come matti».


Fiabesca - Arabella

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