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The need to protect valuable assets is an ancient one. In ancient Egypt the pharaohs’  treasures were stored in places protected by fake treasure rooms and pitfalls. In ancient Greece they were kept in rooms sealed by heavy bronze doors. In ancient Rome they used coffers of wood and metal to keep the money. In the course of time technical means increasingly refined and complex, have been developed for this purpose. Containers of wood reinforced with metal plates fastened with rivets were the ancestors of modern safes. These objects were handmade by blacksmiths or carpenters.

Still today Conforti, historical company in the field based in the province of Verona, dedicates itself with care to the production of crafted safes.

On the occasion of the 100th year of business the company presented the Luxury series, which, combining the Conforti technology with the Italian craftsmanship excellence, features a range of high-quality products dedicated to a demanding and refined clientele. They are items made of walnut and leather.

The Luxury Wood series includes safes strictly certified by the company and entirely covered with fine walnut. The master craftsmen experienced in this work are in the art-furniture area of Cerea, in the province of Verona, home of the first school of Art Furnishing created at the beginning of the last century.
With great dexterity, these craftsmen were able to adapt refined walnut to the metal of the safe.
This type of processing, jealously handed down from generation to generation, maintains the high value of craftsmanship unchanged over time.

Luxury Radica  - aperta

Walnut is appreciated throughout the world for its color, durability and natural design, and it has been used in furniture making since the Renaissance. The precious Ferrara walnut used in the coating has a thickness of ten tenths, and a Palladian working on a support made of two crossed sheets of veneer beech.

To obtain its fine texture, the polishing is done by hand in shellac.

For the interior, you can choose among shelves and drawers of different sizes. The structure is made of oak coated with briar-root. Inside the drawers, stuffed fabric will protect the most delicate objects.

The interior can be chosen based on the content to be protected.

arredamento interno può essere scelto in base al contenuto da proteggere.

The elegance and natural softness of the material give the product of the Luxury Leather line strong personality, while the quality of the coating guarantees perfect durability.

The expert hands of master leather craftsmen from Veneto embellish these artifacts, thanks to skills they acquired over centuries of experience and passed down from generation to generation.

Also in this case, the interior can be customized based on the content to be protected. The leathers used in the working are chosen for their thickness, softness and texture, respecting the environment and according to the European standards.

Any imperfections are a guarantee of the naturalness and uniqueness of the product.

The leather is available in a wide variety of colors, in order to adapt the Luxury series products to any environment.

Conforti Spa:

Luxury Pelle  - chiusa

Luxury Radica  - chiusa

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