Maglia, a passion for umbrellas since 1854

Francesco Maglia

Despite his 6.5 feet in height and white hair, Mr. Maglia has got the face of a witty child. He is the last umbrella craftsman in Italy, the fifth “Francesco” in the family, and after a hundred and sixty years he is still manufacturing umbrellas together with his brother Giorgio, in the Milan family business.

The secret of this tradition is in the materials. it takes 70 steps to make an umbrella entirely by hand: they start from the walking stick, then choosing the right wood among rattan, ash, olive, chestnut with and without bark, knotty bamboo and hazel. But also maple, cherry and broom. Then two springs, a double nut and one canola are attached. These pieces are joined with haywire to 8 to 10 steel slats, then they proceed on to the fabric, which is no longer silk, but polyester and cotton. After cutting to size, the fabric is sewn by hand.

The cover can be polka-dotted, Regimental, plain, stripes, Prince of Wales or jacquard, but never printed tissues. Finally the choice of the stick-handle: high-quality hand-stitched leather in different colors. In the “hunting umbrella” niche, they use horns, antlers of the deer and sheep, roots twisted to art by nature and even exotic warthog teeth. The process ends with the steam ironing, open umbrella.

Maglia collectionMaglia follows the philosophy of a job well done and perpetuates craftsmanship. Each stage of production is carried out at the Maglia headquarters “old Milan” in Ripamonti Street, where, through a refined execution, the bespoke umbrella is created.

Each year Maglia produces 15 thousand long umbrellas and five thousand telescopic ones, dressed in waterproof fabrics that were made on ties frames.

The company’s style is a classic one, following the dictates of the English line: 90 percent of the production is destined abroad, following orders coming from legendary shops such as James Smith & Sons umbrellas in London, well-known department stores in America and Japan, and great fashion designers. In Italy only a few famous but discreet tailors and boutiques carry this product, such as the historical Guenzati e Sacarazzini in Milan, F.lli Cilento in Naples, Flanella Grigia  and Sagripanti in Rome and Bocache & Salvucci, world-famous craftsmen shoemakers.

The company is constantly looking for new fabrics. In the last few years, at the urgent request of the Japanese and American market, the company has resumed the manufacture of fine lace and natural fibers parasols with refined handles such as bamboo, horn and silver, adorned with frills, chinesino or trimming.

Maglia’s passion has no equal in Italy, like the umbrella museum in Gignese, unique in the world.

Ombrelli coloratiThat of Maglia is a passion that has no equal in Italy, like the umbrella museum in Gignese, unique in the world.

Maglia Umbrellas:

Tessuti per ombrelli Maglia

Hunting collection

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