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Luca&Simone - Sartoria Bici

Luca Lanzani and Simone Russo are two creative talents from Milan, they make luxury bicycles. These bikes are designed as a bespoke suit, on a support made of the cast-iron bases of the old Singer sewing machine, and using high-level craftsmanship.

Then, in the elegant Milan showroom the customers tell about themselves, about their passions, their style and their affections, and, like with all the handmade clothes, also with the “bespoke bicycle“, measurements are taken.  In addition to height and weight, the leg length is essential, from ground to crotch and from crotch to chest. Finally, the distance from the shoulder to the wrist. The most creative part comes next. The frames are made by hand one by one, after all necessary features have been established, evaluating the use which might be made of the bicycle: track, essential and with old geometries, runner, or cruiser. The components can be antique or modern, in both cases it is only high quality pieces, often made ad hoc.

It takes about three months to see your finished model, with its serial number on a label embroidered in spread linen, during which Sartoria Cicli updates the client on the progressing work.

Lanzani & Russo gave birth to their idea of ​​excellence on two wheels with the “Golden Scissors” project. Original vintage components from the ’60s and ’70s and special processing such as dedicated gilding, chrome and pantographies, all made by hand by master craftsmen in order to obtain the highest level of customization and quality.

The most refined customization is the fabric coating of the frame. Vestita (dressed), the company flagship, is a bike wearing a dress: wool, cotton, cashmere or canvas, there are many possibilities. The first model was made using a Prince of Wales wool-silk fabric to cover the frame of a Bianchi from the 40s. All the original components of this vintage bike have been preserved and restored to their former glory: wool yarn handles, buttons to close the handlebars holes, hand-crafted wooden fenders and Brooks saddle.

Then there’s “Usteria!” inspired to U Barba, the Ligurian tavern with bocce court in Milan: the bike is a bit like the place, between rustic and industrial. An old Atala with stick brakes and handmade knobs.

Among Russo and Lanzani’s inventions there is also an iron “bike-holder”, with leather finishes in the points of contact with the frame, to bring the bike home and put it on display like a work of art.

Sartoria Cicli:

Lanzani Usteria!_01

Lanzani Usteria!_08

Lanzani Vestita13_0027

Lanzani SC000_0008

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