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The ars sutoria is a very old one: its roots were traced back to the ancient Rome. And in Rome, still today the secret is closely guarded by Gian Luca Bocache and Roberto Salvucci, two exceptional craftsmen.

Every day these shoemakers are dedicated to create hand-made footwear, rigorously bespoke.

4 to 6 weeks and more than 30 steps, is what it takes to realize these handmade bespoke shoes. Today as like before, very ancient craft techniques are used. Starting from the customer’s foot measurement and continuing with choosing the shoe’s every feature and detail: the model, the leather, the bottom, so as to make each shoe unique. The possibilities are endless. For what concerns the leathers, to whose research and selection Bocache & Salvucci devote themselves personally, they range from calf or suede, to more valuable varieties such as ostrich, crocodile and antelope. Even the interior of the shoe can be customized with a particular kind of leather, cashmere for the winter, and linen for the summer.

By applying different processing, Bocache & Salvucci can satisfy every need. Depending on how you want to wear the shoes, they propose and implement the Goodyear, Blake or Norwegian seam. Rubber soles are also available.

The work of these extraordinary artisans is known and appreciated all over the world. Gian Luca Bocache personally meets his clients in Paris, London, Moscow and throughout the Middle East. He follows personally and with great care all the manufacturing phases involving more fitting.

To those arriving to the Rome atelier at the top of the Via Crispi hill, Bocahe & Salvucci open the doors of their little world: a profusion of fine leathers and a kaleidoscope of colors. With flair and craftsmanship they infuse quality and sophistication even to the boldest creations being able to meet the needs of those customers looking for exclusive luxury.

Bocache & Salvucci:

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