Venice, mysterious city of love, legends and jealousy…

Campiello del RemerVenice is a hidden city, and in its courtesan intriguing beauty it conceals mysterious and secret places, stories of lost souls and wandering spirits. They are legends and secrets that surround historic buildings, such as Ca ‘Correr, Ca’ Dario, Palazzo Mocenigo and Palazzo del Cammello.

Mysterious events often happened among the narrow streets, bridges, squares and churches of Venice, that were handed down to the present day.

For instance, in the heart of Venice, near the Rialto Bridge, opens Campiello Remer. Here once stood a shop where they built oars for gondolas. To get there, take the road that goes from S. Bortolomio to Strada Nova, just passed the church of S. John Chrysostom and turn into Calle della Stua.

The small square located in the district of Cannaregio, is famous for a rare shop that sells mason’s sand, pipes, mortar, and for a lovely little restaurant that prepares the delicious Venetian cuisine, Taverna del Campiello Remer, one of the best wine bars (bacari) in Venice.

From the shores of this small square you can admire the Grand Canal and also part of the Rialto Bridge, Campo dell’Erberia, the long building of Fabbriche Nuove and Palazzo dei Camerlenghi.

A typical Venetian wellhead stands in the center of this small square, characterized by an elegant staircase leading to a loggia in the Gothic style.

This place of ancient beauty hides a mystery, though: overlooking the Grand Canal you could see a chilling scene: reflected in the water was a body holding a woman’s head in its hands.
The legend takes us back in time, around the end of 600. At that time the noble Fosco Loredan was jealous of his wife, the beautiful Elena, one of the daughters of Doge Marino Grimani’s brother. One evening, while the Doge was taking a stroll, he heard some screams and saw a woman dressed in white, running desperately chased by an armed man. Grimani followed the pair, and come near Campiello del Remer, he succeeded in blocking the man: after recognizing Fosco, he questioned him.
The noble justified himself by saying that Elena had betrayed him: he had in fact discovered her with another man, and wanted to take revenge. The woman defended herself claiming that his jealousy was unfounded, since the person with whom Fosco had seen her, was her cousin.

The Doge was trying to calm them down when suddenly Fosco cut off Elena’s head.
Marino Grimani was furious, but avoided doing the same thing to the murderer, who was begging him to let him live. But the Doge ordered him: “Get Elena’s body, load it on your shoulders and keep her head in your hands, do not forsake him neither by day nor by night, and take it to the Pope in Rome. He will determine your destiny. “

And so he did, he departed, and went to Rome. After five months, the Pope did not even want to receive him, thus denying him absolution. Terrified, Fosco returned to Venice, to the place where he had committed the crime and jumped into the Grand Canal, letting himself drown.
Since then, when the north wind blows and the moon is full, Fosco’s body rises to the surface, holding Elena’s head in his hands…

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