Chioggia, a little gem shining between Venice and the lagoon islands


Chioggia is a small pearl in the Venetian Lagoon: a miniature Venice, with nothing to envy to her world-known older sister. There are some differences, of course: here you’ll see cars driving around, prices are lower, and you won’t find the tourist crowds you find in Venice. Enough reason to advocate a visit to Chioggia and its surroundings.

The city structure is studied by historians for its peculiarities and unique shape in a “herringbone”. Just as in Venice, also in Chioggia there are the characteristic “campi” (squares), canals, and “calli” (narrow streets). The main canal, on which the city center runs is Vena Canal. A tour of the old town allows you to take a look at all the places and monuments to visit, with particular attention to the churches, starting from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta: the outside is very simple with a Romanesque bell tower; the interior has a Latin cross structure, with two side aisles. Other sites devoted to Catholic worship are the Basilica of Apostle St. James, St. Andrew Church, the Holy Trinity Church, and San Domenico Church (or the Sanctuary of Christ). The latter is located on a very characteristic little island: it has a single nave and there are preserved some valuable paintings, including St. Paul stigmatized, last known work by Vittore Carpaccio, and Crucifix speaking to St. Thomas Aquinas by Tintoretto.

There are also several museums in Chioggia: the Museum of the clock is quite peculiar, situated inside the bell tower of the St. Andrew Basilica, which extends vertically and is interesting to visit because the tower itself is a valuable testimony of medieval architecture (the clock was designed in 1386 by the Dondi family, famous for making other clocks such as the one in Piazza dei Signori in Padua). Some other museums worth visiting are the Art Gallery of SS. Trinity, the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, the Civic Museum of the South Lagoon.

The fish market in Chioggia is a must for lovers of good food; this is the largest market for fish products throughout Veneto and the northern Adriatic region. Which is why, between a stroll and the other, it is worth lingering in some of the restaurants around: of all levels and price ranges, they will not disappoint you in terms of freshness of the products and raw materials.

After completing the city tour, to be carried out strictly on foot, you can explore the lagoon by taking a boat from Sottomarina, the Chioggia shore famous for its summer nightlife, and travel to the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. To reach them you can choose the tour by boat, or you may go independently. The organized tour allows you to hug the coastline of Pellestrina, the Lido of Venice (where the famous Film Festival takes place) to make a first stop on the Island of Murano, famous for its glassworks and the typical glass processing. Then it continues to Burano, an island with bright colors, where local craft is devoted to lace; it ends in Torcello, with two major attractions to visit: the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of Santa Fosca.

Chioggia - Orologio della torre campanaria

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