The thrill of snow and the warm embrace of thermal baths, here is Bormio

Vista panoramica su Bormio

Situated in a large, bright hollow, Bormio is a mountain resort in Valtellina, in the Sondrio district, at the edge of Stelvio National Park. Its history is ancient: in the Middle Ages Bormio was a region and included the territories where today lie the towns of Valfurva, Valdidentro and Livigno. Today the municipality belongs to the Diocese of Como.

Bormio’s peculiarity are its five historical districts: the village is in fact divided into sections, which since a few decades have also adopted their own colors and emblems. The districts are named Dossorovina, Buglio, Maggiore, Dossiglio and Combo. Their symbols are linked to historical facts and monuments. In fact Dossorovina bears the image of Kuerc (the building with arched roof and an amphitheater where they once held meetings and administered justice, the symbol of Bormio) and that of the tower, Buglio that of a fountain that recalls its name in the local dialect (bui), Dossiglio is represented by a water mill wheel, Combo by a cat because of the old nickname ‘gat’ attributed to its inhabitants, and finally Maggiore is marked with the symbol of the wolf. Legend has it that the meaning lies in the greed of the nobles, the patrician families, who lived in this “neighborhood”. Every year on the first weekend in February, the historic districts of Bormio will compete in the Palio delle Contrade. On this occasion, participants face each other in heated competitions of cross-country skiing and giant slalom and then finish with a spectacular relay, dressed in traditional costumes to indicate their district membership.

In addition to discovering traditions, you’ll be spoiled for choice among the many activities and attractions in Bormio. Winter sports, particularly skiing, but also skating, dog sledding and snowboarding, and summer sports such as mountain biking, climbing, horseback riding, leave no room for boredom. And throughout the whole year the baths of Bormio.

The renowned thermal baths are the pride of the proposals for wellness and relaxation in town. There are three spas: the Baths of Bormio, which date back to Roman times, Bagni Nuovi a bit outside in the village of Premadio, and Bagni Vecchi in the municipality of Valdidentro. The latter are among the most fascinating spas, located at the foot of the Dolomites with about thirty spa services. In such a context it will be very easy to let go in a moment to complete relaxation, there even are a natural cave for sweating and a rooftop outdoor pool. Bagni Nuovi is divided into four sections each associated with a specificity: Giardini di Venere is regenerating, Grotta di Nettuno to detox, Bagni di Giove for those who want to rejuvenate, and Bagni di Ercole mainly for relaxing.

To complete the overview of the wealth to visit in Bormio, one cannot miss the historic center, one of the best preserved of all the Alps. Still today, in this proscenium of the Alta Valtellina, numerous churches and palaces of the past centuries are preserved, and many towers  that were built as a sign of power by important families in the Middle Ages. They say back then there were 32 of them. Of the five survivors, the tower of the Alberti family, the one attached to the Simoni palace, and the Kuerc one, are worthy of note.

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Bagni vecchi di Bormio

Ponte di Combo

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